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Outsourced Marketing & Sales Partner ​

We are a company with great passion to offer our clients "A Marketing Resource" that delivers real value.  If you are looking for a business partner that creates substantial returns, can deliver results, and integrated solutions to your customers, we are here to address your needs.


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Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound telemarketing is a very effective way of marketing today, but you need a business partner that is a true outbound call center. Recruiting and managing professional telemarketing agents is more than a full-time job. Training the right staff to navigate the waters of the National Do Not Call List is confusing and difficult. At AMR, our call center agents maintain the skills, training, and experience to get the job done right.


We have listed a few of our services below:
Lead Generation - qualify suspects and prospects
Sales Acquisition - selling products or services
Outbound Telemarketing - proactive marketing; contacting preexisting or prospective customers
Survey Marketing - market research


Our inbound service agents are trained to accurately deliver your campaign goals. Whether you are looking for an inbound sales team or quality customer care representatives, AMR has the people and technology you need to get superior results. We are focused to offer quality, customized services and will represent your company in a professional manner.


We continue to invest in our technology infrastructure, so we are suited to handle multi-skill routing, blended campaigns, quality assurance, and recording.  A few of our inbound services are listed below:


Customer Care - we deliver superior first line customer experiences Loyalty Programs - let us help you keep your existing customers Inbound Sales, Cross/Up Sell - looking to maximize sales for our clients

Order Management - we are experts at getting orders right the first time


Inbound Call Center Services
Third Party Verifications

We specialize in third party verification solutions to ensure that your business transactions are complete and authorized.  Your company maybe required by Federal or State law to use an independent  company to confirm with a new or an existing customer before implementing a change or completing a sale.  Trust AMR as we have the trained staff and the technology to fulfill any transaction.


If you are looking to verify an over the phone or face to face transaction we have created solutions that will fulfill any need.


Use our technology or live agents are available to verify your transactions.

Third Party Verifications

AMR Economics are the best way to target, engage, and retain your customers. Our proprietary platform uses a procedure to predict customer behavior and automate 1-to-1 retention campaigns. We increase revenue and create loyal customers.  The power of AMR Economics is that it clarifies key strategic considerations for our clients. At AMR, we have developed an analysis that can accurately predict changes in retention due to certain events such as transition to EZ pay, promotions, touch points/upgrades and price changes. Using our economic model, AMR-E allows our clients to conduct certain analyses with aggressive precision.

Key questions that we answer for our clients:
•    What is the likelihood a specific customer will leave?
•    How is a customer’s value affected by various attributes or targeted incentives?
•    What customers should we acquire? What incentives should we use?
•    What specific conditions optimize profitability for a given level of risk?
•    How do we impact retention and drive increased customer satisfaction through targeted customer experiences?

Retention Services
Stop Saves

AMR Stop Save results have been proven to be the best in the nation.  Multiple Fortune 500 US companies continue to use AMR for their customer retention specifically for inbound Stop-Save campaigns.  17 of the top 25 newspapers the in the country can't be wrong.  

It is far more effective  to retain and save a current customer than it is to find a new one.  AMR has proven to be the industry leader in the percentage of stop-saved.

Stop Saves
Readership & Classified Services

AMR has worked with many publishers to maximize their readership and classified sales teams.  We identify the size of the team needed to meet clients' needs with the right mix of outbound, inbound, and blended agents. We also take the time to ensure that the agents working with your publications are trained and managed to meet your specific requirements.


Our services, digital, real estate, autos, retail, obituaries, employment, recruitment, private party, and directories.

Outsource your classified sales and get a "single-source" for sales, service, fulfillment, and digital.  We will include a digital element to each classified and increase your revenue per order with our unique interactive print solutions.

Extend your classified ads with text messaging and a mobile landing page











For additional information about these services and more, contact us now.

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Readership & Classified
Digital Marketing Solutions for Publishers

AMR has created a digital marketing suite for publishers that creates recurring revenue and complements print advertising.   With the emergence of online and mobile search, a publisher can now offer advertisers with a print + digital marketing option(s).  All local businesses need to implement a digital strategy and we have turn-key solutions that will help your clients.


Why Partner With Us?

We offer an inside telesales team that can sell "long-tail" sales, product fulfillment, customer service, and dedicated account managers that will oversee your success. Some of the products and services we offer are listed below:

Interactive Print Ads | Connect Print to Digital

We provide publishers with the ability to extend print ads to interactive experiences. One can include pictures, videos, mobile coupons, form captures, and more. Our goals are to offer publishers with new revenue channels and advertisers a complete print + digital marketing suite.

Call Tracking to Manage Channels

We will provide tracking information on phone numbers, so one can report on their advertising efforts.  Identify and integrate phone numbers into all advertising channels -- manage and monitor results.  Whether you market simple or complex products, phone calls are proven to shorten sales cycles.

Online Display Ads & Retargeting

Our telesales teams can work for you to sell online displays for your current web properties, or we have access to 90 billion impressions and inventory representing over 97% of all online reach.  If you are a publisher who would like to offer your advertisers a new marketing channel, we make online and mobile ads effective for clients who want to run targeted campaigns.

Mobile & Multi-Screen

It is becoming essential that a business has a presence in which it is optimized to an end-user device. Whether it is mobile, tablet, or desktop, let us help you ensure that your brand is relevant across all devices.  If your business is online already, utilize our skills and expertise in creating a mobile website that mirrors your existing domain.

Online Secured Business Listings

Local search is essential if you want to be found by consumers.  Publishers can now offer their advertisers with a local search solution where we submit a verified name, address, phone (NAP), and more to the top search engines. Having accurate and consistent citations will improve your advertisers' local search ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will help make sure your advertisers' get traffic from free or natural listings on search engines.  All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have such results.  Web pages and other content, including videos and local listings, are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

Digital Marketing
Multi-Channel & Fulfillment
Multi-Channel & Fulfillment Services

A Marketing Resource is a forward thinking company with marketing ideas and strategies that solve challenges.  The company was formulated by taking challenges and turning them in profitable opportunities. We have the skills, the know-how, and the experience to solve your problems. 


As experts in the newspaper, cable, environmental, and energy industries, here is a list of programs that AMR has pioneered:

Newspaper-Cable partnership "sales calls"
Renewal-Retention collection sales
Just-in-Time Renewals
Integrated sales marketing bundled programs

Kiosk sales & marketing

Email & mobile marketing solutions


How many times have you hired a "Marketing Partner" only to realize they were not able to meet your expectations before it is too late?


Contact us today to learn more how we exceed every client's expectations.   


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