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As AMR continues to grow, we look for strategic relationships that would be a fit for our clients.  Our success is proven with our ability to create business partnerships.  We are focused to bring marketing strategies, call center results, and sales applications that create new revenue channels for our clients.


Our focus will always be customer first, but in today’s fast-paced society, we realize that the right partnerships are critical to ensuring success.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with AMR, please contact us. 


Environmental Marketing Group is your single source marketing group that embraces today's green initiatives.  From eco to waste services, we provide sales, marketing, and digital strategies that connect with consumers.  We are a team of experts who listen first and then implement a long-term strategic plan to achieve your goals.  With years of experience and technology solutions to maximize our efforts, we look forward to hearing from you.  Learn more




SkyBridge Mobile is a market leader in providing unique mobile marketing solutions that allow businesses to turn traditional marketing into an interactive experience.  With our seasoned team of sales and marketing executives, SkyBridge Mobile is determined to make the best use of mobile for your organization.  Learn more




Integrated Marketing Solutions specializes in creating strategic sales and marketing programs designed to mutually benefit two or more companies through the exchange of client information.  With our people, processes, and technology, we maximize marketing investments to improve bottom-line sales.  Learn more


Newspaper Funding Network is passionately committed to fundraising for all sectors and clients.  We achieve this by putting each customer's needs first and delivering on promises with knowledgeable, passionate, and empathetic staff who take ownership for the outcomes of the organizations we work with.  Learn more

MIDTC prides itself on the diversity and strength of its team. With a wealth of intelligent, driven, and charismatic people, we can break down and tackle any problem. Our collaborative dynamic, working across titles and silos, puts an emphasis on true teamwork and trust.  We believe that a team is the best way to help our clients realize results.  Learn more


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